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AHI - Tenant Characteristics
Property IDs Basic Information Unit Mix Units by Income Limits (FHFC Properties Only) Household Composition Race/Ethnicity Tenant Annual Household Income ($) Tenant Annual Household Income (% Area Median Income)
Shim ID FHFC Key HUD REMS Public Housing Development # Florida DOR Parcel Development Name Street Address City State Zip Code County Housing Programs Total Units Assisted Units HUD/RD Rental Assistance Units FHFC Funded HUD Multifamily Funded HUD Public Housing Funded RD Funded LHFA Funded Target Population Occupancy Status Affordability Start Date Year built (property appraiser) Owner Type Overall year of subsidy expiration Latitude Longitude Census Tract Census Block Group Number of 0 BR Number of 1 BR Number of 2 BR Number of 3 BR Number of 4 or more BR <35% AMI 40-50% AMI 55-60% AMI 65-80% AMI >80% AMI Average Household Size (Persons) % of Households w/Elderly Member % of Households w/Children % White (non-Hispanic) % Asian (non-Hispanic) % Black (non-Hispanic) % Hispanic Average Annual Household Income ($) % $0-4,999 % $5,000-9,999 % $10,000-14,999 % $15,000-19,999 % $20,000 and above Average Annual Household Income (% AMI) % 0-30% AMI % 30-50% AMI % above 50% AMI # of Households ReportingData Source
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Notes:  [*] Figures in the table are for reported households.
-1 = Not applicable
-2 = Don't know
-3 = No geocode
-4 = Suppressed (where the cell entry is less than 11 for reported families)
-5 = Non-reporting (where reporting rates - see % Reported - are less than 50%)
See data definitions and special notes in AHI User Guide.
Sources:  Data sources and last updates available in AHI User Guide.