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Assisted Housing Inventory - Historical Information, 2004-2017 (6)
Shim ID Development Name In AHI 2004 In AHI 2005 In AHI 2006 In AHI 2007 In AHI 2008 In AHI 2009 In AHI 2010 In AHI 2011 In AHI 2012 In AHI 2013 In AHI 2014 In AHI 2015 In AHI 2016 In AHI 2017 Street Address City Zip Code County Property Phone Number Total Units (1) Assisted Units (2) Occupancy Status RD/HUD Rental Assistance Units Number of 0 BR Number of 1 BR Number of 2 BR Number of 3 BR Number of 4 or more BR FHFC Funded HUD Multifamily Funded HUD Public Housing Funded RD Funded LHFA Funded Approx. Yr. Built (3) Housing Program(s) (4)Population Served (5)
637 Grove Apartments x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 1400 N. Jefferson Street Monticello 32344 Jefferson 850-997-5321 22 21 Ready for Occupancy 21 0 20 2 0 0 - - - x - not avail. Rental Assistance/RD;Section 515 Elderly
1436 Heritage Manor x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 1800 Texas Hill Road Monticello 32344 Jefferson 850-997-4727 36 36 Ready for Occupancy 34 0 28 8 0 0 x - - x - not avail. Housing Credits 9%;Rental Assistance/RD;Section 515 Elderly;Family
1821 Jefferson Arms Apartments x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 1425 E Clark Ave. Monticello 32344 Jefferson 850-997-2743 75 75 Ready for Occupancy 75 0 0 22 53 0 - x - - - 1972 Rental Assistance/HUD;Section 207/223(f) Family
407 Jefferson Place x x x x x x x x x x x x x x 1468 South Waukeenah Street Monticello 32344 Jefferson 3522242051 39 39 Ready for Occupancy 30 0 16 22 0 0 x - - x x not avail. Housing Credits 4%;Rental Assistance/RD;Section 515;Local Bonds Family
(1) Total units in the development.
(2) Total number of units with rent and/or income restrictions.
(3) Available for HUD developments only. This is the approximate year that the development was originally constructed;
(4) Not all HUD insured mortgages impose income and/or rent restrictions. Therefore, these programs are only reported if combined with HUD Rental Assistance. For more details, see the Description of Programs in the AHI User Guide.

(5) "Link Initiative" refers to units set aside for extremely low income households, at least half of which are special needs households (homeless families, survivors of domestic violence, persons with a disability, or youth aging out of foster care).
(6) Public housing developments without funding from other assisted housing programs were added to the AHI in 2013. Therefore, these properties will not be shown as part of the AHI before 2013, even though most were operating and provided affordable units well before that year.
Other Important Notes:
* If a data field is not applicable for a property, this is indicated by a dash (-) in the data cell. If a data field is applicable but the data are not available for a property, this is indicated by the wording "not avail." in the data cell.
* Click here and choose a geography to get a comprehensive list of assisted housing properties and all the data fields from AHI-General, AHI-Preservation and HUD unit and tenant characteristics.
* For a complete description of all data fields, program descriptions and other important notes, please review the AHI User Guide.

Sources:  Data sources and last update information for the Assisted Housing Inventory.