Housing Need


This site offers analyses of two types of need: 1) construction need, defined as the gap between the existing number of housing units and the projected number of households expected to occupy the area in future years, and 2) affordable housing need, expressed as the number of low-income, cost-burdened households.

Where to Find Data on this Site

  1. The General Unit Characteristics tool includes a table for Permanent (Non-Seasonal) Housing - Projected Demand and Need by Type, 2005-2025.
  2. Part VII of the AHNA Quick Report includes tables for Projected Need by Type through 2025 and by Tenure through 2025
  3. The Housing Market Characteristics section of the Profiles area includes a graph showing Projected Construction Need, 2005-2025.
  4. The Housing Market Characteristics section of the Comparisons area includes a table for Projected Construction Need, 2025
  5. The Affordable Housing Needs Summary provides 2002-2025 estimates and projections of the number of low-income, severely cost-burdened households by tenure and income in an area as well as projections of construction need for households by income group.

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