Multi-family Housing


Structures containing more than one housing unit. The State of Florida's Housing data set on this site further defines multi-family housing as structures divided into rental units, with structures divided into condominiums not included.

Where to Find Data on this Site

  1. The Housing Stock Characteristics section of the Profiles area includes a table for Properties by Type, including multi-family housing structures of 2-9 and 10 or more units.
  2. The General Unit Characteristics tool includes several tables for Housing Units by Type that provide the number of 2-9 unit and 10 or more unit multifamily structures.
  3. Part IA of the AHNA Quick Report also includes several tables for Housing Units by Type with these two types of multi-family structures.
  4. The 2010 Rental Market Study includes a number of indicators regarding cost-burdened renter households living specifically in multi-family housing.
  5. The Construction and Sales Data Access Tool provides a table with a variety of characteristics of multi-family properties in Florida counties, including total properties, age and size of properties, and values. The information and an extensive accompanying analysis are also available in printed form in the annual State of Florida's Housing report.

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