Collaborative Competition: Share Ideas for Data Collection and Compilation to Track Neighborhood Change

Does your organization have an innovative tool for collecting data to track neighborhood change? On October 15, 2009, the National Alliance of Community Economic Development Associations (NACEDA) launched a series of "Collaborative Competitions" in support of the Managing Neighborhood Change initiative. The Shimberg Center is pleased to co-sponsor the first competition, with the theme Data Collection and Compilation.

What is Managing Neighborhood Change?

Managing Neighborhood Change (MNC) is an initiative to help community development corporations (CDCs), local governments, and other local institutions build strong neighborhood housing markets while ensuring that low-income residents benefit from revitalization:

  The most powerful lever for neighborhood change is change in the demand for housing in the neighborhood. Change in the residential real estate market can lead to a stronger, healthier neighborhood. At the same time, market change can take problematic forms, leading to undesirable outcomes. It can be driven by speculation, triggering little or no improvement in the community's quality of life, or it can disrupt established communities, displacing long-time low- and moderate-income residents. [The MNC model] shows how community stakeholders can help unleash the power of housing-market demand, but also where necessary harness it in the interest of equitable revitalization. In particular, it addresses how to know when to pursue which strategy or combination of strategies, in order to bring about sustainable and equitable neighborhood revitalization.  

Alan Mallach, Managing Neighborhood Change: A Framework for Sustainable and Equitable Revitalization, National Housing Institute, 2008.

NACEDA is sponsoring a pilot of the MNC model, linking CDCs with data providers in Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and Los Angeles. The partners will collect data on neighborhood housing markets and trends and develop appropriate strategies to strengthen markets while retaining affordable housing. The Shimberg Center and Florida Alliance of Community Development Corporations recently joined the pilot project. Read more about the MNC pilot.

The Competition: Data Collection and Compilation Tools

NACEDA will be sponsoring five collaborative competitions to identify innovative tools and strategies to support Managing Neighborhood Change implementation. Each collaborative competition will consist of three stages: collecting ideas, reviewing them with the member community, and selecting the most relevant solutions through voting and jury consideration.

The first competition, co-sponsored by the Shimberg Center, focuses on data collection and compilation tools to help local communities track neighborhood change.

  Competition details:
  • Strategies may come in any form. Examples might include survey instruments, case studies, training materials, workshop curricula, etc.
  • Submit entries up to 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, November 22, 2009.
  • Submit entries on this interactive NING site: http://neighborhoodchange.ning.com. For more information, e-mail Sarah McKinley, NACEDA's Director of Special Projects at smckinley@naceda.org.
  • Winning entries will be announced on Tuesday, December 1, 2009. Two winners will be selected to receive a $250 honorarium each.
  • Winning entries will fulfill these criteria: proven approaches that yield good results, participatory in nature, replicable, low implementation cost, focus on market dynamics and measuring neighborhood change in real time.