Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How can I find data for more than one county or place?

Use the top menu to select a topic, then choose the counties and cities of interest on the Geographic Areas page.

How can I download a data table?

Use the Download Excel Data button at the top of the results page.

I chose a topic and see a list of counties. How do I look for city level data?

Click the > next to the county name for a list of cities in that county. You can choose as many cities and counties as you want from this page. If you’re interested in a single city, you can also go back to the home page and type a city name in the Search Datasets area (also useful if you don’t know which county a city is in).

How often do you update the data?

Most datasets are updated annually on a cycle ending June 30. The Assisted Housing Inventory is updated more frequently; see last update information in the AHI User Guide.

I didn’t find what I was looking for. Does the Shimberg Center do custom data requests?

Yes! Contact us at (352) 273-1192 or

What’s the source of the Lending data?

All Lending data tables come from federal Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) data. More information is available here:

Assisted Housing Inventory (AHI)

How do I search for a particular property or program in the AHI?

Choose Assisted Housing Inventory in the top menu or Search Datasets are of the home page, then choose the county or cities or interest. If you’re searching for a particular property and aren’t sure of the county, choose “Florida.” After the results page loads, use the box at left to search for a particular property or restrict results by funder, program, population served, or year built or expiring.

Where is the Assisted Housing Inventory-Basic (Neighborhood Characteristics, etc.) application?

All AHI tables are now available in a single table. Choose Assisted Housing Inventory from the top menu or Search Datasets area of the home page.

Can I map the AHI?

Yes. Choose Maps and Visualizations from the top menu, then Assisted Housing Inventory Map. To search for a particular property, click the orange circle with a magnifying glass at the bottom of the map.

Where’s the Lost Properties Inventory?

Choose Assisted Housing Inventory from the top menu or Search Datasets area of the home page. Scroll down to the bottom of the results page to see the Lost Properties Inventory table.