The parcel viewer allows the user to search for residential parcels in Florida based on location, ownership, home value, and sales history. Users can choose as many search criteria as they want. The parcel viewer will return only those parcels that meet all selected criteria. Data come from property appraiser sales and tax roll data submitted to the Florida Department of Revenue.

Data Fields

Column Header/Search Field Definition and Notes
Parcel Parcel ID from Property Appraiser
Map Links to Google Map of parcel
Address Street address. Must match the listing in property appraiser data exactly (e.g., searching for 1010 Northwest 1st Str will not lead to result if listing in property appraiser database is 1010 NW 1 Str
City City or unincorporated area
Zip 5-digit zip code
County Florida County
Tract 2010 Census Tract FIPS code
Block Group 2010 Census Block Group number for that Census Tract
Housing Type Single Family, Multi-Family 9 or Less Units, Multi-Family 10 or More Units, Condo, Mobile Home or Vacant Residential. Vacant Residential means that the parcel has no structure but is intended for residential use; it does not mean there is a vacant housing structure on the parcel.
Actual Year Built 4-digit year
Buildings Number of buildings on the parcel
Homestead Yes/No showing whether owner receives homestead exemption. A "Yes" is an indicator of owner occupancy.
Residential Units Number of dwelling units on the parcel
Owner Name, Address, City, State, Zip As filed with Property Appraiser. Owner name search will return all results with that exact substring, including spaces (e.g., searching for Lou Smith will return results for Lou Smith but also Marylou Smithford; it will not return Smith, Lou.)
Just Value Market value of property as assessed by the property appraiser; not value on which actual property tax assessment is based
Total Living Area Living area in square feet. Does not include land area.
Senate District Florida State Senate district number
House District Florida State House district number
Congressional U.S. House of Representatives district number
Sale 1: Year, Sale 2: Year, etc. 4-digit year. Sales are listed most recent first; Sale 1 is the most recent sale, Sale 2 is the second most recent, etc.
Sale 1: Month, Sale 2: Month, etc. 1 or 2-digit month
Sale 1: Amount, Sale 2: Amount, etc. Sale price in dollars. In some cases, may show the total sales amount for a bulk sale of a group of parcels that are recorded on a single deed rather than sale price of that particular parcel.
Sale 1: Qcode, Sale 2: Qcode, etc. Sale qualification code. For sales from 2009 on, qualifying codes are as follows (from http://dor.myflorida.com/dor/property/rp/dataformats16/pdf/salequalcodes_bef01012016.pdf):

01. Transfers qualified as arms length because of examination of the deed or other instrument transferring ownership of real property
02 Transfers qualified as arms length because of documented evidence
03. Transfers qualified as arms length at time of transfer, but the physical property characteristics changed significantly after the transfer or transfer included property characteristics not present at time of transfer (examples: parcel split, parcel combination, new construction, deletion, disaster, improvements not substantially complete, sale price includes improvements not yet built)
04. Transfers qualified as arms length at time of transfer, but the legal characteristics have significantly changed after the transfer
05. Arms-length transaction transferring multiple parcels with multiple parcel identification numbers
06. Arms-length transaction transferring a single parcel that crosses one or more county
11. Corrective deed, quit claim deed, or tax deed; deed bearing Florida Documentary Stamp at the minimum rate prescribed under Chapter 201, F.S.; transfer of ownership where no documentary stamps were paid
12. Transfer to or from financial institutions; deed stating In Lieu of Foreclosure (including private lenders)
13. Transfer conveying cemetery lots or parcels
14. Transfer containing a reservation of occupancy for more than 90 days (life estate interest)
15. Removed - not currently accepted; reserved for future use
16. Transfer conveying ownership of less than 100% undivided interest
17. Transfer to or from a religious, charitable, or benevolent organization or entity
18. Transfer to or from a federal, state, or local government agency (including trustees (or board) of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund, courts, counties, municipalities, sheriffs, or educational organizations)
19. Transfer to or from bankruptcy trustees, administrators, executors, guardians, personal representatives, or receivers
20. Transfer to or from utility companies
30. Transfer involving affiliated parties (examples: family, corporate, business, landlord-tenant)
31. Transfer involving a trade or exchange of land
32. Transfer involving an abnormal period of time between contract date and sale date (examples: preconstruction sales, pre-development sales)
33. Transfer that included incomplete or unbuilt common property
34. Transfer satisfying payment in full of a prior property contract
35. Transfer involving atypical amounts of personal property
36. Transfer involving atypical costs of sale
37. Transfer in which property was not exposed to the open market; transfer involving participants who were atypically motivated or not knowledgeable or informed of market conditions or property characteristics
38. Transfer that was forced or under duress; transfer that was to prevent foreclosure (occurs prior to date shown in judgment order for public sale)
39. Transfer in which the consideration paid for real property is verified to be different than the consideration indicated by documentary stamps
40. Transfer in which the consideration paid for real property is verified to be significantly influenced by non-market financing or assumption of non-market lease
41. Other
42. Transfer involving mortgage fraud per a law enforcement agencys notification of probable cause
43. Transfer where the sale price (as the documentary stamps indicate) is verified to be an allocated price as part of a package or bulk transaction
98. Unable to process transfer because of transfer instrument errors (examples: incomplete or incorrect legal description, incorrect grantor)
99. Transfer was recorded or otherwise discovered in the previous 90 days and qualification decision is pending; invalid for transfers recorded or otherwise discovered more than 90 days earlier For pre-2009 sales, qualification code 0 indicates an arms-length sale; information is not available on the other codes (1-3), but all indicate a non-arms-length transaction.
Sale 1: Arms Length, Sales 2: Arms Length, etc. Yes indicates that the buyers and sellers of the parcel acted independently of each other and had no relationship with each other.

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Last updated Aug 2009